December 4th, 2014
The holiday's are fast approaching and to celebrate we have launched our revamped site design and layout. For any who are interested in spicing up their desktops we have decided to offer up some free desktop tiles :)
Choose one or both of the following, unzip them and add them as a tiled background the normal way...
  • Christmas themed backgrounds
  • Vanilla RLT backgrounds

  • Also...Shout out to John Sollows for fixing Dave's mess of a photoshop file.
    Dave S

    November 27th, 2014
    Hey! We finished vocal tracks tonight!
    Dave S

    November 10th 2014
    3 Song demo coming soon! All that's left are the vocals and mixing.
    Dave S

    November 3rd 2014
    All guitar tracks complete for the 3 song demo. Hoping to post the finished product in the coming weeks!
    Dave S



    TBA - Check back soon!